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Sarong Tying Styles ~ How to tie a Sarong

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To tie your sarong, so that it lies flat (not bulky!) ~ Follow these 5 easy steps;
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1. After wrapping the sarong around you, hold both sides out in front of you,
to which ever side you would like your knot.

2. Fold the Right side away from your body,
folding to the outside, (the inside of the sarong will be facing out, away from your body) -
to your desired width.
(Folding the sarong away from your body before grabbing it to tie, will eliminate the bulkiness of the sarong)

3. Grab the section you just folded, making a "Dog Ear" with your fist. Repeat on the Left side.
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4. After you have both "Dog Ears" in your fists, simply tie them at your waist,
adjusting to your body, and desired height.

5. After you have finished tying the sarong, fluff out the fringe, so that it lies nicely.
This will achieve a smooth, flattering look!

You can wear the sarong either tied in the middle, or off to whichever side you prefer.

To tie your sarong as a skirt (you will be tying the two ends in the back) ~ Follow these easy steps;
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1. Wrap your sarong around you in the front (overlapping), bringing one end to your back.
2. Wrap the other side of your sarong around you, meeting the other in the back.
3. Tie the ends together behind your back.
4. Adjust the front and sides of your sarong so that it is comfortable, and most flattering....That's it!!
For this style, it doesn't matter if the fringe, or end is on the side, or in the middle of your back. Like all styles of tying, it is your preference.

Ladies, Practice...Practice...Practice! Soon, you will become a PRO!


Fold your sarong in half horizontally and wrap it around your waist. Fold each corner close to your body. Gather the material and tie into a knot.
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Wrap the sarong around your back, over your chest. Twist the ends once and tie around your neck. Eliminate the twist and create another style.


Wrap the sarong around your waist. Gather the ends together and tie a knot in the front or on the side.

Wrap the sarong horizontally over your chest and tuck it in at the corner. To create another style, gather the ends and tie into a knot.

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